Fingal Open Data

Dominic Byrne explains how Fingal Open Data is helping people gain an insight into local government, understand local issues and propose new ideas.

“We created Fingal Open data to bring together all the latest information about Fingal, which is the fastest growing local authority in the country. Having this pool of data helps inform our decision making but also helps citizens and businesses better understand local issues.”
– Dominic Byrne

Fingal Open Data was  created by Fingal County Council to open up access to open datasets and mobile apps for the district.

“We really designed this with the intention of fostering transparency, participation and collaboration amongst the people of Fingal, as well as to facilitate economic development.”
– Dominic Byrne

You can use Fingal Open Data to view and request 261 datasets involving Fingal County ranging from:

  • Financial (i.e. Fingal County Council Annual Budget dataset)
  • Political (Local Election Results dataset)
  • Environmental (i.e. Fingal Bathing Water Quality dataset)
  • Historical (Fingal Historic Graveyards dataset)
  • Mobility aspects of Fingal County
Screenshot of the website
Screenshot of the website

Dominic Byrne of

Developers can re-use Fingal Open Data datasets under a Creative Commons License to build new apps, websites or other useful products.  The mobile apps section of the website provides a place to showcase the uses that Fingal Open Data has been put to by user, from mobility and tourism apps to traffic planners.

“A number of apps and services have been created using data from the site that help promote Fingal to visitors and also make life easier for people who live and work here – these are showcased in the applications section of Fingal’s site.”

Inspired by the principles of Freedom of Information and the Reuse of Public Sector Information, Fingal Open Data, along with Dublinked and the national  is helping to develop an open data culture in Ireland.