ParkYa AppParkYa mobile parking app uses Dublinked open data to help cities make their parking information more accessible to the public.

Jason Roe came up with the initial idea at a 24 hour Open Data Hackathon of using Dublin’s parking data to help the city get more utility out of its parking services. After the hackathon he felt there was an opportunity to commercialise this open data, so he developed the idea further by talking to Dublin City Council staff to understand their challenges in the provision of parking services such as parking meters, sensors, payments and enforcement.

“The parking data that Dublin city released allowed us to develop ParkYa. Working with council experts, we were able to better understand the challenges that modern cities face.”
Paul & Jason, Predict Insight

The city faced a number of challenges in relation to parking and ParkYa solves them:

  • collecting and integrating parking information from different suppliers and sources.
  • identifying the location of cashless payments, cars clamped or available parking spaces.
  • Sourcing  up to date information to enable informed decision making

Screenshots from ParkYa App

Paul & Jason, Predict Insight
Paul & Jason, Predict Insight

Predict Insight used Dublinked open data and the insights gleaned from the City Council, to build the mobile parking app.  

Now ParkYa is in use in other cities with the same parking problems as Dublin.  ParkYa is currently working with UK partners whom they have licenced their mobile app platform to and is a great example of how applications prototyped in Dublin can be scaled up successfully in other ‘smart cities’.

We have taken our learnings from Dublin and partnered with ParkCloud UK to release a branded app. This own brand app allows customers to book parking spaces in 3000+ carparks in 39 countries.”
– Paul & Jason.

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