Want To Talk About Data?

Dublinked is part of a multi-disciplinary European project, which is building a next generation open data platform to enhance citizen engagement around open data.  We’re working with leading researchers in Salerno, Italy and Insight, Galway to develop new transparency enhancing technology for you to test.

Based on your feedback, we will improve and integrate what works into our new Dublinked platform!

Route To PA - Screenshot

No European project is complete without its acronyms – here’s what our very own SPOD and TET are all about:

  • The Social Platform for Open Data (SPOD) is based on an open source social network engine that enables data discussions between data users.  It has some nifty features such as the treemap search and the ‘datalet’ (DEEP) function which allows the user to create and embed data visualisations not only into their conversation thread, but also into any standard HTML page or WordPress articles.  Users can set up their own private library or start new groups to connect with likeminded people.  Sign up here (info@dublinked.ie subject line: I want to be a SPOD alpha tester) to start your own data discussion
  • The Transparency Enhancing Toolset (TET) is a set of plug in tools for CKAN data portals, which are designed to provide personalised search and recommendations for related datasets, as well as information about where that data came from.  We have already integrated some TET tools into the new Dublinked portal, for example the feature that suggests related datasets.  TET has other features that we want to explore, such as more finely grained metadata and user groups.  Check out the live site here for an overview (http://vmegov01.deri.ie) or sign up for full access to upload and play with more data from other sources (info@dublinked.ie subject line: I want to be a TET alpha tester)

We’re currently developing the first communication between TET and SPOD so that its possible to connect back to ‘data source’ and to the information page of the datasets.  We will keep you updated on our progress.




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